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Bring your laser hair removal practice to more clients with medical marketing experts.

  • Promote your Services

  • Rank Higher in Google’s Search

  • Increase Your Reputation

  • Drive Awareness To Your Services



Americans used a hair removal treatment other than waxing 4+ times in 2017.

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Market Your Laser Hair Removal Services

The laser hair removal industry is remarkably on the rise, increasing the need for specialized marketing solutions. Push your practice ahead of your competitors with a full-service omnichannel laser hair removal marketing strategy. Medical Marketing Whiz will take your business beyond the status quo and help create a lasting competitive advantage.

How Does Medical Marketing Whiz Help? We...

  • Develop high ranking websites
  • Manage social media platforms
  • Increase your online reputation
  • Create SEO and AdWord campaigns
  • Send regular emails and newsletters
  • Plan and produce seminars and events
  • Develop high-traffic webinars
  • Produce stellar videography
  • Create custom branded logos
  • Print brochures and educational materials

By utilizing unique marketing techniques that will expand your reach—such as hosting webinars, events, and seminars, or creating emails and newsletters—you can make sure your business remains at the forefront of your current and future patients’ minds. Medical Marketing Whiz will be here for you every step of the way.

MMW is your one-stop solution for your digital marketing needs.

Start growing your practice with MMW’s all in one solution. See how managing your social media presence and online reputation can significantly increase traffic to your practice. Get advanced email and newsletter marketing services, and start planning impressionable events, seminars, and webinars to expand your practice’s reach. Your SEO strategy will set your practice up for longevity in the organic search results.

Target Perfect Clients

Attract clients who need laser hair removal and long-lasting solutions to unwanted hair problems by specifically targeting your demographic with laser hair removal ads. Together, we’ll create a marketing strategy that will help you attract new customers while retaining the ones you already have.

Pristine Content for Your Site

Your website needs engaging medical content that incorporates keywords for laser hair removal that will maximize your rank in search engines. SEO specific content that targets laser hair removal key terms will help with your website’s success as Google starts to recognize the relevant content that will answer people’s questions about laser hair removal. As your page ranks higher in searches, you’ll get more traffic to your website which will lead to new patients.

Engage with Your Community

The potential to reach clients with laser hair removal services on social media is endless. Target ads towards your specific demographic, create engaging posts that get the community talking, and gather a following who will spread the word to generate more leads and click-through rates.

Maximize your ROI from marketing investments. MMW stays current with emerging trends, algorithm changes, and website exposure to amp your patient-practitioner engagement which leads to new patients and an increase in revenue.

Searches for laser hair removal services continue to rise each year. Get marketing services that will help your practice to show up ahead of its competitors.

Creating Lasting Digital Marketing Solutions

Our team is here for you and all of your laser hair removal marketing services. Get data-driven results from expert-conducted research to stay ahead of the game and outrank your competitors. We strive to identify the goals for your practice and compose a competitive strategy that incorporates SEO, webinars, events, seminars, and reputation management to help grow your business.

You put a lot into your practice, let us help you launch your business to the next level.

Start Marketing Your Laser Hair Removal Services Now

Why wait? Businesses all over have seen tremendous results from outsourcing their medical marketing services. Save time, money, and stress by hiring marketing experts who are ready to maximize your online exposure. Medical Marketing Whiz’s comprehensive, all-in-one solution has generated outstanding results for businesses across the nation.

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Mark Weckesser

“Medical Marketing Whiz is a huge help while offering top class service! Very honest and willing to go out of her way to help increase over all revenue for the practice !! They are always available to answer questions.”

Vice President Business Development

Dr. Prima Ramaiah

“Thorough and dedicated, consummate professionals all the way!”


Dr. George Miguel

“Medical Marketing Whiz brings NEW and FRESH ideas to the table. They are consummate professionals yet easy going. Can be easily reached and respond quickly to questions and concerns. I give them the highest recommendations.”

Plastic Surgeon / ENT

Dr. Danielle DeLuca-Pytell

“Medical Marketing Whiz is simply the best. Not only do they make marketing my practice much easier, but they also have taught me how to grow my brand. While they have been working with me, my organic Instagram followers have increased by 50%. They make it easy for us to stay on top of marketing. I would highly recommend them!”

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Barbara Hannah

“Wonderful working with this company. Energetic and very professional. They have been the breath of fresh air that my company needed!!! I recommend this company HIGHLY!!!”

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