Physician Marketing Services

physician marketing services

Personal, Customized Physician Marketing Services

Medical Marketing Whiz offers one-stop, turnkey physician marketing solutions that take the chore of promoting your practice off your plate – so you can focus on practicing medicine, while we grow your business.

At Medical Marketing Whiz, physician marketing is all we do. We implement advertising strategies that don’t just focus on acquiring new patients, but also help retain loyal, long-term patients who promote your practice to others.

One Stop Physician Marketing Solutions

The key to growing a medical practice is acquiring new patients, while ensuring existing patients are satisfied so that they continue to return, as well as to refer friends and family. And in today’s competitive health care arena, this means engaging in internal and external marketing activities, including relationship building and reputation management.

For the busy physician, this can be an overwhelming task on top of already long hours practicing medicine. And even the best practice management staff rarely has the time, the marketing acumen, or the digital savvy, to manage these time consuming promotional duties.

Medical Marketing Whiz is a creative, full service, strategic, results driven physician marketing company that handles every aspect of your digital and branded asset promotional needs – so you can focus on medicine while we focus on growing your practice.

Digital Physician Marketing Services

We offer complete, customized digital marketing packages that help you acquire more patients from the Internet, by increasing your visibility and improving your online reputation.

Our full suite of digital physician marketing services includes everything you need to outshine your competitors, including: upgrading your website, increasing your visibility in search engine results, maintaining your social media presence, and managing your online reviews.

Our digital physician marketing services also include HIPAA compliant email marketing that engages your patients and keeps you in the front of their mind – bringing in more revenue and more referrals.

Turnkey Physician Marketing Services

Digital marketing is only one piece of the physician marketing puzzle. We also create tangible assets such as branded brochures, posters, and referral cards. And, we coordinate in-person open house events and educational seminars – which are proven to be one of the most effective ways to keep existing patients engaged, and get new patients in the door.

Our internal physician marketing activities are also focused on integrating our promotional efforts with your patient experience. We customize physician marketing solutions that help provide patients with a seamless, engaging and satisfying experience with your practice – ensuring a higher retention of your patient base, as well as a greater likelihood of referrals.

Ready to reap the benefits of excellent medical practice marketing? Get started today with a free physician marketing strategy session with one of our experts!

Physician Marketing Services

Stunning Websites

Your website is the first impression of your office online. Does your website reflect the quality of your care? Is it mobile friendly? Let us update or create a brand new website for you!

Social Media Marketing

Connect with current patients, target new patients, educate, build relationships & trust using social media. We create the content, images & videos for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter - and post it for you daily.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the #1 way to educate patients on all of the services you offer. We create HIPAA compliant email newsletters including images and content that engages your patients and brings in more revenue.

Reputation Management

Your online reviews can make or break your reputation. Let us help you get more 5-Star reviews online which boosts your reputation and search rankings.

Seminars & Events

In-person seminars and open house events are one of the most effective ways to keep existing patients engaged with your practice, and to get new patients in the door.

On-Hold Messaging

On Hold message recordings educate your patients about your services, office hours, website, location and other reminders.

Videography Services

Our professional videographer will produce a video of commercial for your practice that you can use on your website, social media, Youtube or even on TV.

Logo Creation

Our graphic designers will design your perfect branded logo for your practice.

Brochures & Print Materials

Our graphic design team will create promotional brochures, referral pads, posters and flyers congruent with your branding and website.